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Looking for a phone number?

We do not have one! 


We like to provide a peaceful, one-on-one experience for all of our guests. Please email us with any concerns at


" Aubrey is always open to anything I choose to do and embraces my fun ideas while also keeping my hair healthy. She listens and talks about what is safe and possible for your hair, given its current state. So happy to have someone I trust 100% with my hair - and now with COVID as a factor, my safety."

- Sheila


"What Molly does with my CURLY hair is absolute art! It takes a skilled stylist to excel in coloring my hair in a way that the color looks just as great curly as it does straight.
The process is amazing and EXTREMELY therapeutic. I drive from D.C. and look forward to the quick neck/head massage coupled with the aromatherapy of the products during shampoo/conditioning."

- V.Q.

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